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Destination Baden

The city of Baden offers a wide range of cultural events including small and large festivals, various theatrical productions, event locations and a large number of museums. It is also proud to have thermal spring of with the highest mineral count in all of Switzerland. These factors combined make Baden a popular wellness destination.

Museum Langmatt

The Villa Langmatt is open to the public as a art museum. The legacy of the industrial and collector family Brown is home to significant French impressionists, a Venetian veduta collection from the 18. century and rare pottery. The rooms which are furnished with French furniture represent the way of life of the founders. Every year a additional collection is created and added to that of family Brown.


The park surrounding the Grand Casino Baden is home to century old trees and provides a green oasis in the middle of the town. The Grand Casino Baden is the original Kursaal and was built in 1875. The park which is also the location of the “Kurtheater” , is one of the main public areas of the town. The people of Baden identify with the area and its use. The park is also inviting for a walk, picnic or a well-deserved time out.

Grand Casino Baden

The Grand Casino Baden invites for a very special evening out with first class service and the equivalent offer. It very quickly became of the top names on the casino maps of Europe. This exclusive ambience with exciting games and events is open to guests 365 days a year. The restaurant presents itself with elegance and provides guests with exquisite culinary highlights.

Kurtheater Baden

The Kurtheater Baden is the biggest theatre in Canton Aargau with complete infrastructure and can hold up to 600 viewers. The yearly programme is made up of around 50 performances of various arts such as theatre, music and figure theatre, dance and childrens pieces. The Kurtheater also offers a platform for cabaret, comedy, concerts and pieces in dialect.

Thermal Springs

Baden lives up to its name with its bathing culture. The thermal springs is used as a sustainable source of warmth and energy for the town. There is no other location in Switzerland with as many minerals in the Thermal springs as Baden. The water surges out of 18 springs amounts to over 900’000 litres daily. On its long journey from the depth of over 1200 metres the minerals at dissolved into the hot water. Reaching the surface the thermal water provides the city with a wellness culture and the basis for various medical treatments.

History Museum

The History Museum Baden focuses on the exchange between bathing, industry and Swiss wellness history. In the multi-dimensional permanent exhibit visitors can travel digitally through analogue spaces. They are invited to surf through the history of Baden and discover the unique and unexpected link between Wellness-businesses and alternating current, between everyday factory life and the youth movement. In the “Landvogt” castle visitors can experience carefully furnished castle rooms that take the visitor back in time from the middle ages up to the 20. century.

Town Tower

The town tower or „Stadtturm“ stands guard over the north exit of the city. It is the only tower still standing that was used as a stronghold during the mediaeval times. The town tower or “Baderturm” was built in the second half of the 15th century. The steep, tiled hip-roof sports the town’s colours of black, red and white in a zig-zag pattern. Today the tower and it’s vantage point are used for public events and tours can visited on tours by the town.

Swiss Children‘s Museum

Discover the world of Swiss children’s museum. In the twenty discovery chambers the museum presents historic and current developments with the youngest members of the community in focus. The museum offers numerous possibilities to discover, try and play. Unknown depths of children’s culture are presented in various shows – a exciting and multifaceted day out for young and old alike.

The ruin „Stein“

The ruin high over the old town of Baden at 445 m a.s.l. marked the boarder between the Lägern and Schlossberg regions, separated by the gorge. The fortress “Stein” was built before the 1000 A.C and at a brief moment in history was used as an archive by the Habsburger family. The confederates ruined the castle in 1415, however the town of Baden rebuilt it between 1657 and 1670 as a strategic stronghold. However the building was demolished again in 1712 during the “Villmerger war”. The only part which has surrvied Baden’s violent past is the the small chapel St. Nikolaus.

The Wettingen Abbey

This Abbey is proud to be the best kept abbey in Switzerland and is a culture monument of international ranking. Almost all of the elements from this reminder of the 13th century have been kept well maintained. The carved choir benches and stain glass windows in the cloister are especially worth seeing. The Abbey peninsula in Wettingen provides gripping stories from the past. Around the abbey there is also more to see such as the culture path, the old spinning mill, the wooden bridge and the Limmat power station invite the visitors to take a walk around the area.


Two world empires have left their architectural footprint in the region of Brugg-Windisch. At the Vindonissapark you can experience the history of the Habsburg with all of your senses. As the only roman legion camp in Switzerland the ancestral castle of the Habsburg and double abbey “Königsfelden” are cultural assets from the ancicent world and mediaeval times of international quality. Come on a journey through two thousand years of Vindonissa!

Legionary path

On the legionary path in the Roman activity park Windisch you can experience the fascinating history of the only Roman Legionary camp in Switzerland. In this authentic setting you can experience how 6000 legionaries once prepared for their battles by order of the Roman emperor himself. Today you can see, hear and feel how the everyday life of the legionaries and officers would have been over 2000 years ago. Nine exciting places of discovery are waiting for you.

Blues Festival Baden

The Blues Festival Baden was founded with the idea of getting an audience to feel emotion, bringing opposites together and discovering the unturned gems of the blues world. Every year musicians from in and around Switzerland flock to Baden to transform the town into the capital of blues. One of the main attractions of the festivals are the numerous concerts in the Restaurants of Baden.

Kunstraum Baden

For about four years now the town of Baden has become a show room for art out. The idea behind the non-commercial art exhibition is to provide a stage for shooting stars, newcomer, old experts of monography and topical projects of the region. The artists work in cooperation with the exhibitioners to provide a project created specifically for the exhibition space.