Seminar, Meeting, Events & Banquet

GTC for events

Availability of function rooms

For all-day events, the function rooms are available to the event organizer from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm. The hotel reserves the right to use these rooms for additional evening events.

Setting up function rooms

Setting the room up on the day before the event may be done at no charge after 07:30 pm of the preceding day, provided the room is available. If the event organizer wants to already make use of the room for setup before 07:30 pm, an additional 50% of the room rent will be charged.

Surcharge for more participants than contracted

Should a seminar room be requested on short notice for more that the contractually agreed number of participants, an additional surcharge of CHF 10.00 per person will be charged.

Offers and their validity

Offers are based on the basic information provided by the customer, such as number of persons, activities planned and budget. Changes in those initial conditions can result in price changes.
Offers remain valid for 21 days, provided no different arrangement was agreed upon in writing.

Reservations & Booking

All reservations will be confirmed in writing by the Hotel. In the case of provisional bookings, the customer is asked to make his final decision within 21 days.

The Hotel reserves the right to continue to rent the reserved rooms, as long as no written confirmation of reservation has occurred.

A reservation becomes valid as soon as the Hotel receives from the customer a legally binding signed duplicate of the confirmation. After receipt of the order, a deposit is due (dependent on the size of the occasion).

The Hotel is obligated to render in timely manner the supplies and services that have been agreed upon in writing. The event organizer is obligated to accept these and to pay within the agreed period of time.


Agreements as to the occasion, menu selection, etc. must be met no later than 14 days before the occasion and will be confirmed by the Hotel in writing. We ask that the event organizer read the confirmation carefully and to contact us immediately about any matter that is not clear or departs from what was agreed. Additional services desired by the event organizer but not part of the contract will be added to the invoice.

Number of participants

The final count of participants must be made know at least 48 hours prior to the occasion.

No-Show attendance numbers

Deviations by more than 5% from the participant count provided up to 24 hours prior to the start of the occasion will be charged in the amount of 100%. This applies not only to the booked Hotel rooms but also the ordered menus.

Basis of calculation for events of all kinds

The participant count given on the definitive reservation confirmation serves as the basis of calculation unless more guests participate in the event or the Hotel is notified in writing at least 24 hours before the start of the occasion about a reduced number of participants.

Secure cancellation policy for your meeting

In the uncertain Corona times, questions about cancellation terms and cancellation costs are part of the planning process. That's why we at Swiss-Belhotel du Parc are pleased to offer our guests accommodating COVID-19 cancellation terms for meetings and events up to 30 people.

If the current Corona regulations in the canton of Aargau do not allow the event, the following cancellation conditions apply:

  • Free cancellation 5 working days before the event is to take place.
  • 5-3 working days before the event: 80% of the agreed service
  • 2-0 working days before the event 100% of the agreed service

Please note:

  • These conditions are applicable for all confirmed bookings and new bookings until September 30, 2021.
  • Virtual and hybrid meetings are excluded from this regulation.
  • A handling fee of CHF 180.00 will be charged for each booking. The handling fee will be waived if the event is held.

For events with more than 30 participants and cancellations that are made independently of the
Covid-19 regulations of the canton of Aargau, we have adjusted the cancellation conditions as following:

  • up to 22 days before the event free cancellation
  • 21 to 14 days before the event 30% of the agreed service
  • 13 to 8 days before the event 50% of the agreed service
  • 7 to 3 days before the event 70% of the agreed service
  • 2 to 0 days before the event 100% of the agreed service

Hotel rooms & overnight stays

No later than 7 days before arrival, the Hotel is to be provided a definitive and detailed list of attendees with full names and if appropriate, room assignments. If the confirmed number of participants is exceeded, it requires prior written approval by the hotel. Payment instruction for the hotel rooms and any extras should also be specified on this list.

Check-in | Check-out

Check-in after 02:00 pm, check-out before 12:00 pm.

Early Check-in | Late Check-out

The price for guaranteed Early check-in to a reserved room amounts to 100% of the room price. Based on availability, Early check-in after 09:00 am is free. Late check-out on the departure day can be booked at the following additional charge: until 04:00 pm, CHF 50.00; until 08:00 pm, CHF 100.00; after 08:00 pm, 100% of the booked room rate.

Cancelation conditions for hotel rooms in connection with an event

Individual bookings can be cancelled until 04:00 pm of the arrival day without penalty. Reservations of 10 or more rooms serves as a group for whom individually adapted cancellation conditions apply. For cancellation of additional rooms outside of these General Terms and Conditions, cancellation costs of 80% of the room rate for 1 night per room will be charged.

up to 45 days before the occasion no cost
44 to 31 days before the occasion 50% of the total arrangements
30 to 14 days before the occasion 75% of the total arrangements
13 to 7 days before the occasion 100% of the total arrangements

Early departure

Early departures, changes in the existing reservation or cancellation of booked rooms during the stay must be reported at least 24 hours ahead of time. Without a report from the event organizer, the Hotel reserves the right to charge for an overnight or for the duration of the stay per booked room. The Hotel reserves the right to rebook the room.

No-Show rooms

In the event of a failure to arrive, 80% of the costs of the first night will be charged. Absent a written report or arrival before 12:00 pm on the following day, the Hotel is free to do what it wants with the room. There is no longer any claim to a room reservation.

Distribution of gifts

Gifts or documents that are to be distributed to the hotel rooms should be given to the reception. If the gifts are made available before 11:00 am on the day of arrival they will be distributed free-of-charge in the booked rooms before 03:00 pm. For gifts to be distrbuted to the rooms outside of this time frame, the hotel will charge CHF 3.00 per room.

Parking spaces

Participation in a daytime seminar: CHF 8.00 per car / per day
Participation in a daytime seminar including overnight stay in the hotel: CHF 15.00 per car / per day


Smoking is not permitted in any function rooms, public areas or hotel rooms. A covered smoking area next to the hotel entrance is available for smoking.

Additional construction or dismantling work

The Hotel will set up the function rooms in accordance with the prior agreement with the event organizer. Further expenses for additional construction, conversion or dismantling will be charged at the rate of CHF 60.00 per worker hour.


For self-provided wines, CHF 30.00 per bottle opened will be charged. All other beverages and dishes must, to the extent nothing different has been agreed upon, be obtained from the Hotel Du Parc.

Sparklers and firecrackers

In order to insure safety in the Hotel and in the function rooms, a modern fire alarm system has been installed that, with the build-up of smoke and heat, sends an alarm directly to the fire department. The use of conventional sparklers and firecrackers is strictly forbidden since even these could initiate a fire alarm. Burn holes and the follow-up costs for a fire alarm that results from any wrongdoing on the part of the customer and his/her guests, will be charged directly to the customer.

Midnight curfew

Events that last beyond 12:00 midnight require an official authorization from the local police (Legal authorization under the labor law for night work). For the additional effort and expense of employees, the Hotel will charge for a group of less than 30 persons a one-time charge of CHF 150.00 and for more than 30 persons, CHF 350.00. An extension of the curfew may be requested until 02:00 am maximum.

Musical entertainment during occasions

The musical volume in the function rooms may not, based on police regulations, exceed 90 decibels. After 11:00 pm, the volume of the music must be reduced. Potential musical rights must be organized by the event organizer.


The Hotel will render to the customer comprehensive catering services for his/her occasion but will not take over the role of event organizer in any form. The event organizer, who is thereby responsible for the orderly course of the occasion, is always the customer or his/her principal. It is also up to him/her to obtain the necessary insurance coverage for property damages and personal injury.

Occasions in other localities bring additional costs for service and transportation of materials, depending on the scope and location of the occasion. We will, upon request, provide an appropriate offer.

Waste disposal

The event organizer can dispose of decoration remnants and documents after an event ends through the Hotel. The Hotel reserves the right, in the event of larger amounts of waste, to impose a waste disposal charge.

Liability for damages

Insurance for exhibition items that were brought to the Hotel are the responsibility of the event organizer. The event organizer is liable to the Hotel for damages to the establishment, gross soiling of the function rooms and their content, and for losses that were caused by the event organizer, his helpers or participants.

In order to prevent damages, bringing decorative materials and other objects should always be coordinated with the Hotel. In every case, the event organizer must see to it that all material meets fire and police requirements.

Attended cloakrooms will only be made available upon request and are charged at a rate of CHF 60.00 per employee hour. The Hotel declines all responsibility for theft and damages to objects, clothing and materials that are brought into the Hotel.

Payment terms and prices

All prices are in Swiss francs and are understood to include service and value-added tax. The hotel bills in Swiss francs. Quotations in Euros are approximate values that are calculated based on current exchange rates.

For banquets and seminars that exceed a total value of CHF 1'500.00, a down payment in the amount of 50% of the cost of total arrangements must be rendered. For this, use of a valid credit card with expiration date is necessary; it will be charged with the down payment when the definitive reservation is made. Alternatively, the down payment can also be made in cash or transferred to our business bank account. The reservation will become definite only after receipt of payment. If the occasion is cancelled within the cancellation period subject to a charge, the down payment will not be refunded.

Bills are payable within 20 days of the billing date. No discounts or rebates are allowed.

For a billing address in a foreign country, the Hotel can invoice the confirmed service at 100% beforehand (advance payment 30 days before arrival) or charge a valid credit card.
If individual services are to be paid by the participants themselves, the hotel will collect the referenced service on-site. If this is not possible for any reason, the event organizer is obligated to assume the costs to the extent that he is unable to provide a valid billing address for the participant.

Law and jurisdiction

Swiss law applies exclusively. Place of jurisdiction for possible disputes is Kloten.

Kloten, 1. January 2017